Rating System

How our Rating System Works!

  • 7 Star Rating System
  • Just Like Roger Ebert does his reviews in 4 stars and 2 thumbs up,
  • Instead of two thumbs up and single thumbs up, we have Brilliant and Bloody Brilliant.
  • There are no decimal places in the ratings.

    Rating System

  • 4-Good
  • 5-Excellent
  • 6-Brilliant
  • 7-Bloody Brilliant

About BBR

Bloody Brilliant Reviews (BBR) is an alternative film review platform that is semi-professional in nature. At BBR we will try our best to unearth “uncut gems”, review underrated regional flicks and foreign films. This is because we strongly believe that film-making is a language into itself.

We try to bridge the gap between professional critics and the common man.