Aachar and Co comes as a breath of fresh air amongst the plethora of dark and bloody films, and that's
Oppenheimer vs Christopher Nolan: Two Godly creators who wish to create something mankind has never experienced before.
Tamil cinema has been the most consistent industry in terms of delivering thrillers.
Saudi Vellaka (2023) is an absolutely beautiful film which focuses on many important topics
"When there is humanity, there is hope!" "When we recall the catastrophic episode of five years back, incidents that truly
This one reminds you of those well-done Sathyan Anthikad films of the 2000s sans the usual melodrama. The characters are
Tetris is a blend of 80s retro vibes with gaming. Transitions, actions and even the whole structure of the film
Must watch Thriller. You will lurk into the Beautiful Era of the 1980s, where the magic of cinema unfolds unapologetically.
After "1917", All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) takes you through a brilliant cinematic portrayal of World War 1.