Shows what's wrong with India, the beauty, the spirit and the indomitable spirit of the common man who is ready
It feels great when you feel seen and heard, and that is just what this film does to you and
The Holdovers (2023) is an incredibly well-written film that takes you to the 1970s..
After the announcement, 'Bramayugam' swiftly climbed to the top of my watchlist for 2024. Particularly since it aligns with my
Sriram Raghavan’s latest work tells a peculiar love story between two oddballs in his usual neo-noir, black comedy set-up.
Maestro K.G Geroge dealt with a murder mystery within a theatre artist group in the all time great Yavanika. After
Gaganachari (2023) Is a beautifully crafted sci-fi mockumentary from our Malayalam industry.
As evident from its promotional materials, Parking is yet another entrant into the male ego genre.
When Martin Scorsese confirmed to have started Killers of the Flower Moon’s production in 2021, there was no doubt that