Birbal Trilogy (2019)


We all know about Birbal, one of the Navaratnas of Emperor Akbar and highly acknowledged for his intelligence and humour sense.


Language: Kannada.

Director: M.G. Srinivas

Writer: Adivi Sesh (story), Abburi Ravi (dialogue)

Cast : M.G. Srinivas, Rukmini Vasanth, Abraham Marett

Genre: Thriller

IMDb : Birbal Trilogy (2019)

Streaming on Amazon Prime.

Also known as: Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni

We all know about Birbal, who was one of the Navaratnas of Emperor Akbar and highly acknowledged for his intelligence and his sense of humour. He was unique at the court of Akbar because of his way of thinking and decision making which made him Akbar’s favourite. He was also a poet but his smartness and intelligence impressed Akbar who then made him as the main commander in Akbar’s army.

The film Birbal trilogy is an investigation thriller which also presents a young lawyer, who is clever and witty like Birbal. The film opens with a murder scene for which a law firm recruits a new lawyer to investigate the case after 8 years of the incidence. The Hero gets designated to investigate the case which the police had already closed 8 years ago. His investigation and findings form the rest of the story.

           The film is written and directed by M G Srinivas who himself acted as the lead in the film. He has written a well structured and engaging screenplay which makes the film an intense thriller. The tautness to the storytelling keeps us hooked during the entire running time. The dialogues deserve special accolades. The director blends every sequence perfectly except the love song which I think was unnecessary for the storytelling and doesn’t suit the mood. Also, he tried to include humour which was mandatory for that supporting character, but the humour felt outdated and reused. Srinivas has done justice to the role he did and all the performances of the other casts were satisfactory. Thrilling moments, unpredictable twists along with a stellar climax makes the movie a worthy watch

Verdict: 5/7 Stars.


Arun U

Arun U

A big cinephile (he doesn't care about the language if the movie has won critical acclaim). Fan of thriller movies. He is an aspiring business manager, currently pursuing MBA from Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore.

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Vineet SK
4 years ago

Spot on about the songs and comedy. Movie would have been on another level if they could have maintained the mood!!

4 years ago

Good movie except the weird comedy from hero’s colleague.😀

4 years ago

Nicely done..