Bramayugam (2024)


After the announcement, ‘Bramayugam’ swiftly climbed to the top of my watchlist for 2024. Particularly since it aligns with my preferred genres and is presented in monochrome, It piqued my interest even more.


Language : Malayalam

Director : Rahul Sadasivan

Writers : T. D Ramakrishnan, Rahul Sadasivan

Cast : Mammootty, Arjun Ashokan, Sidharth Bharathan, Amalda Liz, Manikandan R. Achari

Genre : Horror | Thriller

Imdb: Bramayugam (2024)

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Spoiler Alert: This review contains mild spoilers regarding the nature and theme of the film.


“You ever get the feeling those in charge treat our freedom like a game? They manipulate it for their amusement, and we’re just pawns. They don’t even need a reason to start messing with us.”


After the announcement, ‘Bramayugam’ swiftly climbed to the top of my watchlist for 2024. Particularly since it aligns with my preferred genres and is presented in monochrome, it piqued my interest even more.

For me, horror is more about crafting an atmosphere that suggests impending events rather than relying on cheap jump scares or clichéd horror tropes like animated pumpkin heads or screeching bats. Crafting an eerie or scary ambience without relying on explicit depictions of ghosts or supernatural entities can be incredibly effective in building tension and suspense. It’s all about creating an atmosphere where the audience feels a sense of uneasiness, where anything could happen at any moment. This approach allows for a more psychological and immersive horror experience, where the fear stems from the unknown and the anticipation of what might lurk in the darkness. By focusing on atmosphere, sound design, and subtle visual cues, filmmakers can create a sense of dread that lingers long after the movie has ended. This type of storytelling is often more impactful and memorable, as it taps into our primal fears and imagination.

Having relished a wide array of exceptional films from A24, as well as being captivated by the visionary storytelling of directors like Jordan Peele and Ari Aster, and the intriguing narratives of Indian cinema exemplified by ‘Tumbbad’ and ‘Bhoothakaalam,’ discovering ‘Bramayugam’ feels like uncovering a cinematic gem perfectly tailored to my exact tastes.

Set in 17th-century South Malabar, amidst desolation, we encounter Thevan (Arjun Asokan), a lost soul striving to escape his fate and survive. He stumbles upon an old mansion in the heart of the forest. This mana, once grand, now stands as a mere shadow of its former glory, fallen into disrepair. Its walls crumble, and nature encroaches, with plants clinging to its facade and roof tiles shattered; Like a warning sign deters outsiders. However, for Thevan, desperate to alter his destiny and cling to life, this decrepit refuge offers him one last chance at transformation. Upon entering, he encounters Kodumon Potty (Mammootty), the weary elderly owner of the mansion, who has fallen on hard times. Initially grateful for the hospitality, Thevan soon realizes that the mansion holds hidden secrets, with Potty as its enigmatic guardian. As the game unfolds, Thevan becomes trapped within the confines of the mansion, he uncovers its mysteries and confronts his destiny. In a world marked by caste plays and concealed truths, Thevan must summon the courage to seize control of his fate and seek liberation.

Amid this intricate web of power dynamics, Thevan realizes he is a mere pawn in a larger game. Despite the attempts to manipulate destiny through chance, Potty, the master manipulator, holds the strings, skillfully manoeuvring the outcomes to his advantage. It’s a risky gamble where every move carries weight, adding to the tension and complexity of the narrative. The subtext echoes the historical struggles of the Bahujans, it unveils a Brahmin’s wield of power, reducing others to mere chess pieces in his manipulative gambit, discarding them once they cease to serve his agenda.

Rahul Sadasivan emerges as one of the finest filmmakers, showcasing his talent and craftsmanship through his previous movies. Collaborating with TD Ramakrishnan for the dialogues, a writer who broke the boundaries set by Malayalam novels, as exemplified by Francis Itty Cora and other remarkable works. The power of his pen is evident in the depth of dialogues, which are sharp and precise.

Bramayugam is a cinematic mastery that excels in every aspect. From its unique monochromatic visual style to its stellar cast, including Shehnad Jalal’s captivating visual grammar and Christo Xavier’s top-notch scores, it is a film that leaves a lasting impression. The storytelling is masterful, seamlessly weaving together elements of suspense, drama, and political intrigue. While the film doesn’t rely on sudden plot twists, its captivating delivery ensures that viewers remain engrossed throughout the entirety of the experience, drawing their eyes to the screen like a magnet.

Arjun Asokan delivers a standout performance captivating the audience with his subtle and convincing portrayal. His versatility and depth as an actor shine throughout the movie. Sidharth Bhrathan also impresses with his nuanced and compelling performance, complementing Arjun perfectly on screen. The remarkable chemistry between the two actors enhances the storytelling, drawing viewers deeper into the narrative. However, it’s Mammootty who truly steals the show. His portrayal is nothing short of flawless, embodying the character with such finesse that it’s difficult to envision anyone else in the role. Mammootty’s mastery of body language, mannerisms, and expressions elevates his performance to new heights, solidifying his place among the finest actors of his generation. His presence adds an undeniable depth to the film, making it a must-watch for aficionados of quality cinema.

Bramayugam: The Age of Madness emerges as the cinematic sensation of 2024, with Rahul Sadasivan’s artistic prowess promising to elevate it to unprecedented heights. 

Experience a cinematic triumph that will redefine the very essence of filmmaking.

Bramayugam is exceptional!

Verdict : 6/7 stars


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