Gaganachari (2023)


Gaganachari (2023) Is a beautifully crafted sci-fi mockumentary from our Malayalam industry.


Language : Malayalam.

Director : Arun Chandu.

Writers : Arun Chandu, Siva Sai.

Cast : Anarkali Marikar, Gokul Suresh, Ganesh Kumar, Aju Varghese, John Kaippallil

Genre :  Comedy | Sci-Fi

Imdb: Gaganachari (2023)

Watched the premiere show with the cast and crew of Gaganachari as a part of the Kerala PopCon Event.

Gaganachari (2023) Is a beautifully crafted sci-fi mockumentary from our Malayalam industry. If you have a brilliant director and a great team, then budget is not a constraint for creative madness and this film is a testament to that.

Every decade there will be a new age cinema, as if someone hit a refresh button, and this movie has the potential to become something like that of this decade. If it gets to the right audience it has the potential to create another benchmark for the Malayalam Film industry.

The sci-fi genre is something that’s hardly attempted in Malayalam, mainly because of the exorbitant budget required to pull off the extensive VFX works. But in Gaganachari, what I felt is, they’ve tried to make a pure art form within the budget constraints. They haven’t compromised on the aesthetics in any frame.

In the world of AI we live, the things that are shown in this movie were so easy to grasp. They have added all the minute details of the current chaos that we are going through (politics & religion). The makers have unabashedly spoofed everyone. It shows a clear vision of what the future holds for us. Yes, it’s the director’s POV but it still felt so genuine & real.

The way the screenplay is written is so crisp and clear resulting in a decent runtime. The film only has a minimal number of characters with Gokul Suresh, Aju Varghese, and Ganesh Kumar doing their parts so well that we can’t even think of placing other actors in their roles, especially Ganesh Kumar (Victor). He was just spectacular. Aju Varghese (Vibe) is phenomenal and Gokul (Allen) has pulled off his part very well too. Anarkali Marikar (Alien/Aliamma) manages to create a solid impact solely with her presence and her performance lingers with you even after the film ends. Even Raghavan (AI Malayali Alexa) has a memorable role.

The movie won’t disappoint any age group cause it is neatly conceived and has quite a few Malayalam movie and pop culture references placed in the movie at the right moments. Hats off to the entire technical team right from costume, sound, cinematography, editor, VFX etc. Everyone has done their job ever so neatly.

“The aspect ratio is changed, from now onwards you can view it in a complete cinematic way”.

This is a dialogue from this movie and I hope everyone can watch this film on a big screen.

Verdict: 5/7 stars



Amal Sudhikumar

Amal Sudhikumar aka Sudhi, is a B.Tech graduate who jumped into a so-called white-collar job. Part-time scrambled writer, cinephile wandering around to just watch movies. He believes every movie we watch has an interesting element, which may differ from people to people. Yet, It doesn't mean we need to watch everything.

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