Hero (2021)


Over the last decade, Kannada films have been revolutionized by the entry of sensible and visionary creators


Language : Kannada

Director : M. Bharath Raj

Writers : M.Bharath Raj, Anirudh Mahesh

Cast : Rishab Shetty, Ganavi Laxman & Pramod Shetty

Genre : Black comedy.

Imdb: Hero (2021)

Streaming on Zee5.

Over the last decade, Kannada films have been revolutionized by the entry of sensible and visionary creators. From an industry that was over dependent on remakes of successful films released in the neighboring states to one that is constantly churning out original & path breaking content, the change has been heartening to witness. Hero, directed by debutant Bharat Raj and starring Rishab Shetty and Ganavi Laxman is another entertaining addition to the list of new wave cinema in Kannada.

Shot completely during the lockdown with a crew of 24 people, Hero talks about a barber who plans to take revenge on his ex-lover who is now married to a dreaded gangster. He’s got his plan in place, tools ready and a wonderful opportunity for execution but is he courageous enough to commit a crime? Will he be able to handle unforeseen circumstances? Hero answers these questions in the wackiest of ways within a runtime of 2 hours. The plot here is wafer thin but right from scene one, the makers have added a dose of craziness to the visuals and madness to the execution making it a unique experience. The film plays well within its limitations and doesn’t try to oversell it’s USP (Unique Selling Point) to the viewers although the climax stands out in terms of tonality from the rest of the portions.

The craziness is evident in the way the characters are presented and named (the leads are called hero, heroine and villain) and also in the execution of the fight sequences. The technical departments have done a commendable job in staying true to the nature of the script, especially art, action and cinematography. Ajneesh Loknath has worked magic with his music and background music here and it’s fair to call him the second hero of ‘Hero’. Much like Rishab, Ajneesh’s score is present throughout the film and plays a crucial role in elevating the mood of the situations. 

Finally coming to the performances, Rishab gets to play yet another quirky role after Bell Bottom and he fits the character to the ‘T’. His comic timing and expressions are on point and the film benefits from his impeccable screen presence. Ganavi Laxman gets a meaty role and she has done justice to the portrayal of the emotional heroine. Her subtle variations in expressions and dialogue delivery are major highlights.

Overall, Hero is a film you will enjoy if you have the appetite for routine stories told with a twist and some top-notch execution. Barring the climax, this is a joyful ride.

Verdict – 5/7 stars.


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Ananth Krishnan

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