Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)


Kiss kiss bang bang huh? Know who’s starring in it? If not, for all of you ignorant lads and ladies, let me divulge – it’s Tony Stark alter ego Robert Downey Jr. Now that I have got your attention


Language: English

Director: Shane Black

Writer: Brett Halliday (novel) (in part), Shane Black (screen story), Shane Black (screenplay).

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime 

Cast:  Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, Michelle Monaghan 

IMDb: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

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Disclaimer: The movie is intended for Mature audiences and not recommended for kids.

Kiss kiss bang bang huh? Know who’s starring in it? If not, for all of you ignorant lads and ladies, let me divulge – it’s Tony Stark alter ego Robert Downey Jr. Now that I have got your attention, let’s talk about the movie shall we?

Kiss kiss bang bang is going to be kkbb from now; patience is not my strong suit. 

Directed by Shane black, “who also directed and co-wrote Iron Man 3” stars a pre Marvel Robert Downey Jr and a post Batman Val Kilmer. Joining them is the absolutely stunning Michelle Monaghan. 

Now, before we go into the intricate details of the narrative or whatever, we need to talk. We need to praise and give some shimmy shammy love to Shane Black. To start, the man is a fricking legend when it comes to quick witted dark comedies. He writes them with a laid back elegance that’s both charming and hilarious to watch. He’s not your typical Hollywood director who aims to please with stereotypes, he’s gonna rip apart conventions and in the process establish new ones. Shane is particularly good at writing his characters and more importantly their interactions with each other. He writes humans like they are… simple, mere humans. Real but nonetheless entertaining and affably engaging. 

The plot follows a series of interconnected events leading to the investigation of murder by Val and a thief turned actor circumstantially turned detective Rob down jr. Into this meat grinder of conspiracies. Throw in a cunning but effusively seductive, struggling actress Michelle. And I think that sums up my “intricate” plot synopsis. 

Listen (umm read) it’s not easy explaining Shane’s plots so easily… the screenplay is dense and any attempt at encapsulation is going to be a failed one, therefore it’d be prodigious to not even bother. 

KKBB is the new age buddy cop film. If you love the Lethal Weapon film series (a must watch for everything good about the 80s and late 90s) and bad boys kinda films, then KKBB should be tingling your palate already. It brings back the essence of buddy cop thrillers, all the while incorporating comedy into the mix. 

I came to KKBB from another Shane Black film – The Nice guys; which is probably the most funny and thrilling of movies made this decade. If you strip all the tertiary elements, KKBB and The Nice Guys are very very very similar. But, if it works do twerk, for if you enjoyed one you’d enjoy the other more so. 

I’d probably write a review for The Nice Guys, meanwhile do go “Shane” some light on KKBB y’all!

Verdict : 6/7 stars.



  • As a show of support for Robert Downey Jr.’s recovery from alcohol and drugs, Val Kilmer refused to drink during the entire production.
  • The film was originally titled “L.A.P.I.”, then “Bang!”, but Val Kilmer suggested to Director Shane Black that “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” would have more appeal.
  • Robert Downey Jr. considered his role as Harry Lockhart his “calling card” to playing Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While preparing to make Iron Man (2008), Downey Jr.’s performance inspired director Jon Favreau to cast him in the title role.
  • Val Kilmer’s depiction of Gay Perry is generally considered to be the first openly gay character to front a Hollywood action movie.
  • Shane Black’s directorial debut.
  • read more exciting trivia at
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