Oppenheimer (2023)


Oppenheimer vs Christopher Nolan: Two Godly creators who wish to create something mankind has never experienced before.


Language : English.

Director : Christopher Nolan.

Writers : Christopher Nolan,  Kai Bird, Martin Sherwin

Cast  : Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr 

Genre :  Biography | Drama | History

Imdb: Oppenheimer (2023)

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Spoiler Alert: This review contains slight spoilers regarding the nature of the film.

Oppenheimer vs Christopher Nolan: Two Godly creators who wish to create something mankind has never experienced before.  One is a destroyer, another one is an artistic creator. What happens when these two people meet?

Three hours of cinematic experience that took the audience to the past and made them think about the future. It would be wrong to label this movie as a biopic. It’s a sheer Nolan movie experience. The film slowly unfurls the answer to the popular questions who, when, why, where, what and how. The film is a complete roller coaster ride of Dr. Oppenheimer. We know the impact of the explosion but didn’t know the dirty politics behind it all. Nolan packed this movie with an emotional ride which is subtly handled by Cillian Murphy an academy-award level performance. An exquisite amalgamation of artists’ performances will easily give us the impression that they are born to do these roles. Downey Jr flips his performer tag to showcase a pure artistic performance here and I was so happy to see the powerful and energetic performance carried out by the ladies in the movie, who played crucial roles.

I really enjoyed this movie. Please don’t come and watch this movie with the usual expectation of a typical Nolan Movie, you will be disappointed then. Try to come and experience this theatrical magic. A movie that does not showcase full-length action, fights, fast-paced, gripping and all the terms that we use these days for mainstream action films. You may not actually get all these emotions from a mainstream film viewer’s perspective, you will only get these emotions from Nolan’s POV and his sense of time and speed. Trinity- Visual/Hoyte Van Hoytema, Sound/ Ludwig Göransson & Director/Nolan. You should experience the Cinematic Magic and Brilliance on the big screen itself.

Verdict: 6/7 stars



  • Matt Damon was on a break from acting as a promise to his wife, with one condition: it would go on hold if Christopher Nolan called. As luck would have it, Nolan offered Damon the role of Leslie Groves and the break went on hold.
    In order for the Black & White sections of the movie to be shot in the same quality as the rest of the film, Kodak developed the first ever B&W film stock for IMAX.

  • Christopher Nolan claimed that the idea to cast Cillian Murphy came to him while looking at the book cover photo of J. Robert Oppenheimer on “American Prometheus” the book upon which the film is based. Wanting to achieve Oppenheimer’s gaunt physique, Murphy lost weight and kept to a strict diet during filming.

  • When Matt Damon read the script first presented to him by Christopher Nolan, he was flabbergasted to see that it was written on red paper, in the first person, a format he had never professionally seen before.

  • Christopher Nolan revealed in a Collider interview that there are no CGI shots in the film. 

  • Christopher Nolan’s longest-running film at 180 minutes duration.

  • While IMAX is frequently used as an elaborate tool for sweeping action set pieces, this biopic is filmed entirely in the format, a rarity in feature films even by today’s standards.

  • Paul Schrader described the film as the “best, most important film of this century” after he attended the New York premiere of the film.

  • Christopher Nolan’s first R-rated film in the USA by the MPAA since Insomnia (2002).

  • J. Robert Oppenheimer was mentioned by name in Nolan’s previous film Tenet (2020) during a conversation between Priya Singh (Dimple Kapadia) and The Protagonist (John David Washington), seemingly indicating that Nolan already had the idea of what his next film was going to be about.

  • The previous Hollywood film dealing with the same theme and main character was Fat Man and Little Boy (1989)

  • The cast features five Oscar winners (Sir Kenneth Branagh, Matt Damon, Rami Malek, Casey Affleck, and Gary Oldman) and three Oscar nominees (Robert Downey Jr., Tom Conti, and Florence Pugh).

  • This is Christopher Nolan’s first film since Memento (2000) not to be produced and released by Warner Bros. Pictures. Instead, the film was released by Universal Pictures. P

  • Richard Feynman (Jack Quaid) is shown playing bongos multiple times during the film. In addition to his skills in physics, Feynman was known as a prolific Bongo player.


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