In Thankam, writer Shyam Pushkaran presents a story that can be classified as a cocktail of genres.
If you're coming here for Entertainment, run as far as you can. Paris, Texas (1984) is far from an entertainer.
Kino is definitely back on the menu. Taste it, Savour it and Relish it.
It was in 2015 when I watched Dan Gilroy's much-raved work ‘Nightcrawler’ and it’s a film that still gives me
There has always been a discourse among film enthusiasts regarding the kind of films that are superior.
If you've followed Rishab Shetty and his interviews, you'll notice how he repeatedly touches upon the Kannada culture and how
Revenge as a core theme has been a driving force for numerous films over the years and almost all makers
It's been a little over 20 years since Gautham Menon made his directorial debut with Minnale. During these two decades,
Director Jithin Issac Thomas's previous film, Pra.Thu.Mu that was part of the highly acclaimed anthology 'Freedom Fight' was a hard-hitting