Studio Ghibli. A name animated-movie aficionados are quite familiar with. In the animated world that has been ruled by Pixar
Trance Well isn't this something 😲! There was a "Thanks to Robert Zemeckis (Contact)" in the opening credits. Anwar Rasheed's
Thappad hits the right chords in many places. At its core, Thappad is a marriage story held together by a
Aamis articulates on behalf of food, precisely meat and it's a freakish flick. Food is a normal thing and we
Hah! So you like time travel movies? And obviously, you pride yourself on having watched all of them?
If I had one word to describe what this movie felt like, it would be ecstatic.
We all know about Birbal, one of the Navaratnas of Emperor Akbar and highly acknowledged for his intelligence and humour
Starring Adam Sandler. Now that might have given you a flashback of mindless slapstick comedies like Jack and Jill, Pixels
If you're looking for a Spanish delight, then this is the one.