Saudi Vellakka (2022)


Saudi Vellaka (2023) is an absolutely beautiful film which focuses on many important topics


Language: Malayalam.

Director: Tharun Moorthy.

Writers: Tharun Moorthy.

Cast: Vincy Aloshious, Remya Suresh, Devaki Rajendran, Srindaa, Lukman Avaran, Devi Varma, Binu Pappu, Sidhartha Siva, Sujith Shanker, Shaju K.S.

Genre: Drama.

Imdb: Saudi Vellaka (2023)

Streaming on SonyLiv.

Slight spoilers ensue: Regarding the nature of the film.

Saudi Vellaka (2023) is an absolutely beautiful film which focuses on many important topics including inefficient court mechanisms, delays, the mental health of men belonging to a lower economic strata, the beauty of humanity, the social dynamics of middle-class families and a beautiful inclusive story of citizens in Saudi, Kochi.

Warning: This is nowhere near an entertainer. Don’t watch this if you are here for entertainment.

Saudi Vellaka is a beautiful film about humanity, made by humans for humans.

Tharun Moorthy picks up just where he left off. I must strongly applaud his eye for detail, exquisite writing, characterisations and how he deals with the passage of events.

The film strangely reminded me of Abbas Kiarostami’s Close-up. That itself should be a huge compliment, but Saudi Vellaka is in the end Saudi Vellaka, something which stands firmly on its own on the merit of the plot and the incredible performances of the humans in it namely Devi Varma, Sujith Shanker, Binu Pappu, Lukman Avaran, and Dhanya Ananya.

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Heart Warming.

Verdict: 5/7 Stars.



  • The second film of director Tharun Moorthy. Remember his name.
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