Virus (2019)


Virus (2019) portrays how the Kozhikode district of Kerala fought the struggle against the deadly Nipah virus.


Language: Malayalam

Director: Aashiq Abu

Writers: Muhsin Parari, Sharfu, Suhas

Cast: Kunchacko Boban, Parvathy, Indrajith, Tovino Thomas

Genre: Drama | Thriller

IMDb: Virus (2019)

Streaming on: Amazon Prime

Virus (2019) portrays how the Kozhikode district of Kerala fought the struggle against the deadly Nipah virus. Okay, so a boring documentary… No, that’s exactly what this movie is not! Although the film has a narrative familiar to some of the viewers and re-creates some people and organizations, it is put together in the form of a medical thriller.

Virus has a stellar cast with each of them performing world-class. One of the scenes, in which the character of Soubin Shahir is coughing and helpless, that was there in the trailer too, was enough to drag me to the theater to watch this movie on the first day itself. Another actor that stood out was Rima Kallingal as nurse Akhila recreated in memory of nurse Lini, who was one of the Nipah warriors that succumbed to the virus. Sreenath Bhasi as a junior doctor portrayed the emotional side of a doctor including the tensions and the relief of being able to revive the heart rate of a patient, so beautifully that it stays in your mind long after leaving the theatres. Joju George amazes as the hospital worker who comes out as one of the first to help in cremation of the people who died due to the deadly virus. Going this way, I would have to name each and every actor in this movie, including Asif Ali, Sharafudheen, Sarasa Balussery, Kunchacko Boban, Indrajith, Parvathy, etc., who all continue to impress. Many of the other cast members have also showcased a brilliant performance.

No unnecessary plot points, drama or songs have helped to take this movie to a different level. There are short nuances of every patient’s past which are enough to evoke a sense of concern among the audience for those characters. Brilliant cinematography and the eerie background score add to the seriousness of the situation. The movie is so impactful that there was a point when I was scared to even cough at the theatre. This is a must watch and an eye-opener to all the people who were unaware of the tough struggle which Kerala had gone through in the first outbreak of the Nipah virus. Also, the movie stands out as a technically brilliant one with an edge-of-the-seat screenplay, wonderful editing and what not. 

Verdict: 5/7 Stars.



  • Based on real events that happened in Kerala during May and June of 2018 which claimed 17 lives.

  • The movie was actually shot in the Nipah Ward where the patients were treated.. the scene where Soubin falls on the ground is actually the real Nipah Ward.

  • Rima Kallingal who played the nurse Akhila is also the producer of this movie.

  • 6 Film directors have acted in Virus including Dileesh Pothan , Basil Joseph , Soubin Shahir, Zakariya Mohammed, Dileesh Nair and Revathi.

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