83 (2021)


Directed by Kabir Khan, 83 is a cinematic memoir of the Indian cricket team’s world cup victory in 1983.


Language : Hindi.

Director : Kabir Khan.

Writers : Sumit Arora (dialogue), Vasan Bala(screenplay), Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan(screenplay).

Cast : Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Jiiva

Genre : Biography | Drama | History

Imdb: 83 (2021)

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Directed by Kabir Khan, 83 is a cinematic memoir of the Indian cricket team’s world cup victory in 1983. For a generation that has only witnessed India’s 2011 world cup success and the euphoria around it, 83 becomes a highlights-packed show that gives us a detailed peek into the Indian players and what the World Cup Victory meant to them.

Right off the bat, the effort and research gone into making this film is clearly evident from scene 1. From the 80’s look of the players to the way the cricket matches have been recreated, the film manages to be a true recount of India’s 1983 world cup campaign.

Even though the film gives prominence to Kapil Dev and what he brought to the table as a captain and all-rounder, the makers have also made sure to highlight the contributions of each and every team member (including their manager) in achieving the monumental feat. Be it Kapil Dev’s record-breaking 175, Mohinder Amarnath’s all round show, Yashpal Singh’s 75, Sandip Patil’s key contributions, Binny’s bowling and even Cheeka’s 38 during the final, the film makes it a point to deliver all the key moments to the audience.

The writing team along with the editing department deserves special mention for skilfully adding images from the original matches in between the one’s played in the movie. The impact it has on the viewers is unexplainable and more so for the audience belonging to the ‘70s or before. The screenplay from Vasan Bala and Sanjay Chauhan doesn’t divert from the core topic for the sake of adding drama to the narrative. There are no unwanted player feuds, clashes with the board or deliberate attempts to inject patriotism. The light moments within the team members are captured well and they provide multiple laugh out loud moments.

On the flip side, 83 might be boring for those who may not be interested in cricket as most of the games are shot extensively, taking up a major chunk of the runtime. The writers have done their best to cater to all sorts of audiences by incorporating ample goosebump-inducing moments within the games. Yet, it might not be engaging for some.

The performances are highly commendable with Ranveer Singh leading the pack with a superlative performance as Kapil Dev. He manages to bring Kapil’s infectious energy on screen and looks at ease playing the character. Jiiva as Srikanth gets most of the funny bits in the film and also scores during an emotional sequence before the final. Saqib Saleem finally gets a meaty role and brings his best as all-rounder Mohinder Amarnath. Chirag Patil as Sandip Patil, Nishant Dahiya in an excellent casting as Roger Binny, Sacred Games fame Jatin Sarna as the consistent Yashpal Sharma, Harry Sandhu as Madan Lal and Ammy Virk as BS Sandhu and Tahir Raj Bhasin as Sunil Gavaskar, leave a striking mark with their portrayals.

Kabir Khan deserves all the credit for leading this reel team successfully and creating a film that celebrates India’s first major cricketing achievement.

The focused screenplay and meticulous research carried out, makes this memoir an exhilarating and enjoyable cinematic experience.

Verdict – 5/7 Stars.



  • Sandip Patil’s son Chirag Patil plays the role of his father in the film.

  • Ranveer Singh spent a fortnight at Kapil Dev’s home in Chandigarh to get better understanding from him to prepare for the film.

  • The West Indies reel team has 4 players whose fathers played for the real West Indies team!

  • Ranveer Singh’s third portrayal of a real life character after Peshwa Bajirao and Alauddin Khilji.

  • Debut Hindi film of Chirag Patil.

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