Ali’s Wedding (2017)


Ali’s wedding is an Australian feel-good romantic film written by Osamah Sami and directed by Jeffrey Walker.


Language :  English

Director :  Jeffrey Walker.

Writers :  Osamah Sami.

Cast :  Osamah Sami, Helana Sawires, Don Hany.

Genre :  Comedy | Drama | Romance

Imdb: Ali’s Wedding (2017)

Streaming on Netflix.

Disclaimer: This review contains mild spoilers but doesn’t hamper the intended effect on it’s audience.

Ali’s wedding is an Australian feel-good romantic film written by Osamah Sami and directed by Jeffrey Walker. It is a simple feel-good film but excels in its direction. The protagonist of the film is Ali who represents a Muslim community, who are tenants from Iran, presently living in Australia.

Ali is a normal guy, average in studies, and has only good intentions. He only wants his parents to be proud of him. But his father, who is a clerk in the Mosque, wants his son to be a doctor. But being an average student, Ali fails to clear the cut-off. But for the sake of his prestige in front of his father and fellow community people, he lies about his marks. The film then portrays the problems confronted by Ali due to this lie and how all unfolds for a happy ending.

The first hour of the film gives us a feeling of a series of Udayakrishna-Siby K Thomas films during 1999-2004 which normally involves heroes telling lies which invites trouble, and everything becomes favourable for them naturally in the end. Since Ali is from the Muslim community, the film shows many customs in the religion as it is. Others may not like or support it and viewers like us may find it awkward sometimes. Also, it shows how they get audited in foreign airports just because they are Muslims. But these are some of the harsh realities faced by Muslims.

Overall Ali’s wedding is a feel-good film told with romantic elements and a strong performance from the lead characters. I recommend you to watch it if you are a fun-loving person.

Verdict – 5/7 stars



  • Based on a true story.

  • This is Director Jeffrey Walker’s feature film debut.

  • Filmed by OSCAR nominated cinematographer Donald McAlpine.

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