Kuttrame Thandanai (2016)


Without any doubt we can corroborate that Kollywood was


Language: Tamil

M. Manikandan

Writers: Anand Annamalai, M. Manikandan

Cast: Vidharth, Rahman, Aishwarya Rajesh 

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Imdb: Kuttrame Thandanai (2016)

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Without any doubt we can corroborate that Kollywood was the most promising Industry among the South Indian ones in the past decade. Most of their low budget thriller films produced wonders. There was no scarcity for Thriller films in Kollywood with strong content. Kuttrame Thandanai was such a film released in 2016. 
                                                                            It is a Psychological Thriller film written and directed by M.Manikandan.The director himself wielded the camera for the film. It tells the story of a credit card collection boy Ravi, who is suffering from Tunnel vision. Ravi is an orphan so he had no one to succour. He wanted to undergo a surgery to regain his vision. But the hospital charge was much higher than what he could imagine. However everything goes upside down when he happens to witness the murder of a young lady. The culprits see him and try to bribe their way out of it. Rest of the plot narrates the story of Ravi finding the money for his surgery in addition to unfolding the murder. 

                                  Vidharth, who was  known for the movie  Mynaa(2010), plays the role of Ravi. The film has a low running time of 93 minutes, yet the director places every character profoundly. Cast of the film includes Aishwarya Rajesh, Rahman and Sreenish Aravind, where the latter two are playing the antagonists. The making of the film was really appreciated. Every scene adds anxiety to the plot. The ending takes the film to another level. The director has done his role brilliantly in every aspect. Despite ordinary performances from the cast, the film excels in both editing and background score. The film also brings out the fraudulent activities  prevalent in the medical field and puts forward the quote “YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW”. All of these make the film a must watch.

Verdict :- 6/7 stars.



  • The film is based on the novel “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoevsy.
  • The film was initially named Kuttramum Thandanai (crime is also a punishment), but music director Ilayaraja suggested that the film be named as Kuttrame Thandanai (crime is the punishment).
  • Aiswarya Rajesh was not interested to act in the film initially, but the director convinced her with the story and the rest was history.
  • George Maryan who rose to fame for the role of a constable in Kaithi, has done a small role in this film.
  • Veteran actor Nasser also acted in the movie for which he deserves accolades even though it was a small role.
  • Sreenish Aravind, who rose to fame through Big Boss Malayalam first season, has a notable role in this film.
  • Kuttrame Thandanai is a milestone in Vidharth’s Career who later went on to do Kurangu Bommai which was also a critically acclaimed thriller.
  • Guru Somasundharam, who will be playing antagonist in the first ever Mollywoood superhero – Minnal Murali, has done a small role of assistant lawyer in this film.

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