Mud (2012)


Mud is one of those rare movies, that touches upon complex themes


Language: Drama 

Director:  Jeff Nichols

Writer:  Jeff Nichols

Cast :  Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Jacob Lofland 

Genre: Drama 

IMDb: Mud (2012)

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There isn’t just one reason why I liked this movie. Mud is one of those rare movies, that touches upon complex themes that are often too hard for us to observe and decipher in our day to day lives but as a story with a perfectly handpicked cast and dreamlike cinematography, things become simpler and heart-touching. It’s a coming-of-age movie that tells the story of two teenage boys (played by Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland) and Mud (played by Mathew McConaughey) who are deprived of the love they deserved. Their stories are intertwined and related. There are a few twists to keep you intrigued, or rather I would say that it’s the way how the story is narrated – to hear the unsaid.

The major part of the movie is set in the Arkansas area with the tremendous beauty of the Mississippi River. Quite obviously it’s Matthew McConaughey who steals the show by playing the character we all wanted to be but ends up being framed as somebody the world doesn’t appreciate. From an audience point of view, we see the whole story through the eyes of the two teenage kids, at times reflecting upon our thought process and trying to follow the carefully laid bread crumbs within the story.

The climax is the best part which justified (and fulfilled) the emotional journey that the movie took us through. In short, it’s a bloody brilliant movie.

Verdict: 7/7 Stars.

Bloody Brilliant.


Mud was the reason why Matthew McConaughey was given the role in Interstellar (2014) as Christopher Nolan was inspired by Matthew’s performance

Over two thousand boys auditioned for the role of Neckbone.

Around half of the crew were Arkansas residents. In addition, the production hired over four hundred locals as extras.

At the time of shooting, this film was the largest production ever to be filmed in Arkansas.

A major character trait for Mud is his emotional and superstitious attachment to his shirt. Ironically, Matthew McConaughey has been widely mocked in real life for his habit of going shirtless.


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