Munnariyippu (2014)


Munnariyippu is the story of C. K. Raghavan, a murder convict and Anjali, a journalist.


Language: Malayalam

Director: Venu

Writers: Venu, Unni R

Genre: Drama | Thriller

Cast: Mammootty, Aparna Gopinath

IMDb: Munnariyippu (2014)

Streaming on: MX Player

Munnariyippu is the story of C. K. Raghavan, a murder convict and Anjali, a journalist. Raghavan is convicted for double homicide, that of his wife and employer’s daughter, but is in continuous denial of doing anything wrong. On discovering an interesting trait of Raghavan and his views of the world around him, Anjali is empathetic towards Raghavan and processes his release from jail. The movie goes forward on how Anjali gets Raghavan to pen his experiences and thoughts into a book for a company she has a contract with. Watch the movie to see if she succeeds in doing so.

Munnariyippu is intriguing and is a result of some brilliant performances, especially by Mammootty as Raghavan, who has portrayed the murder convict who doesn’t agree to get a lawyer as he feels that he has not done anything wrong, very convincingly. Another highlight of the movie is its screenplay, which ensures that you are on the edge. I vividly remember being shocked at the climax just after a single viewing of this movie, which came out in 2014, i.e. 7 years before I am writing this.

The movie is a must-watch for it is seemingly normal yet insightful, and the mysterious portrayal of Raghavan along the journey of the narrative.

Verdict: 5/7 Stars.



  • The Director Venu actually wanted to do this movie in Hindi, But his wife Beena Paul encouraged him to do it in Malayalam.

  • Sreenivasan was first considered to play the film’s protagonist, the convict. Sreenivasan did not sign the movie as he was busy with other projects at the same time.Later Mammootty signed the role.

  • This is the second film of the Director Venu, the first one was Daya.

  • Director Venu’s wife Beena was the editor of Munnariyippu.
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3 years ago

Should watch this.