No Sudden Move (2021)


It is 1950, in Detroit. The race between automobile companies is at its zenith.


Language : English

Director :  Steven Soderbergh

Writers : Ed Solomon

Cast : Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, David Harbour

Genre : Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller 

Imdb: No Sudden Move (2021)

Streaming on Amazon Prime.

It is 1950, in Detroit. The race between automobile companies is at its zenith. The lack of technology during the aforementioned period presents an interesting scenario for capers. No Sudden Move from Steven Soderbergh, the mastermind behind the Ocean’s series depicts the story that unravels after the heist was performed. 

The plot introduces the element of mystery from the get-go. 3 men are hired to rob a locker containing an unspecified object. Each man has their own doubts about each of their colleagues’ allegiances. Nevertheless, they decide to finish the job expecting to manipulate the ending in their favor.

What follows from here is a crazy and twisty plot that could even confuse the viewer. Even with a cast having the likes of Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbour, Brendan Fraser, Jon Hamm,  Julia Fox, Ray Liotta and Kieran Culkin, it is  the story that takes the win. One filled with double crossing, betrayal and some meticulous planning. Apart from these elements, subtextually the film  paints the picture of the political scenario in Detroit during those days. Themes of racism and capitalism run constantly throughout the events.

As a final reveal, a message is displayed hinting that the film could have been based on a true story thus opening the door to many implications involving certain famous companies.

Verdict – 5/7 stars



  • Josh Brolin was originally cast but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with his TV show. Jon Hamm later stepped in.

  • Sebastian Stan, John Cena, Nicolas Cage and George Clooney were originally cast but were forced to drop out due to scheduling conflicts after the movie’s shoot was delayed from spring 2020 to autumn 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2 years ago

how and where can I watch it from India???

Rahul Rana
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Amazon Prime.