Sara’s (2021)


We live in a society where women are seen as a means to generational continuity.


Language : Malayalam.

Director :  Jude Anthany Joseph.

Writers :  Akshay Hareesh.

Cast :  Anna Ben, Sunny Wayne, Siddique,

Genre :  Comedy | Romance

Imdb: Sara’s (2021)

Streaming on Amazon Prime.

The father said, “Study hard my son so that you can conquer the world and achieve your dreams, and my dear girl be good so that you can get a good husband”.

We live in a society where women are seen as a means to generational continuity. From the time of her birth, she hears all sorts of advice including but not limited to “You’re a girl, behave like one”, “no one will marry you if you’re like this”, “don’t hang out with boys ” etc. Their life is bombarded with tips and tricks on how to be the ideal girl that pleases her husband and bears his child. A life with the sole purpose of getting married not necessarily to someone of their own choice and then raise children. If the child is a girl then the next season premieres with the same old story.

Sara’S from Jude Jude Anthany Joseph starring Anna Ben and Sunny Wayne depicts the attempts of an ambitious woman that struggles to reach her career goals while evading the harmful fangs of patriarchy. The social construct that is marriage stands in her way when all she wants is to kickstart her directorial venture. 

Throughout the film,the director takes a jab at many of the ill habits that are prevalent in our society. The regressive community that treats feminism as a weapon for arrogance, the quintessential parents whose sole aim is to find a groom for their daughter, and even professionals who make sexist decisions. The movie clearly shows that, despite having literacy, we still have a long way to go. 

Although there are certain shortcomings in terms of performances and pacing, the viewers can turn a blind eye to the same as the message delivered is strong, bold, and relevant to the times.

Verdict – 5/7 stars



  • Was released directly to OTT.

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