Red Rain (2013)


Science fiction movies are few and far between for a country known for producing the highest number of movies.


Language: Malayalam

Director: Rahul Sadasivan

Writers: Rahul Sadasivan

Cast: Narain, Mohan Sharma, Tini Tom, Shari, Andrea Fortis

Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller

IMDb : Red Rain (2013)

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Science fiction movies are few and far between for a country known for producing the highest number of movies. This lack of interest can be attributed to the demands of an average cinemagoer in India, who’d rather prefer a typical masala blockbuster over a more niche concept. Niche at least in the eyes of the average cinemagoers, who are for a populous country like India, many in number, and dictate the commercial success of the movie. Indeed! There have been artsy flicks and the “niche” movies doing well of late. The Tumbbads, and “Creature 3Ds”. By now, you should have realised whether you are the average cinemagoer or not.

Without digressing let’s shift our focus down south of Bollywood, where things are definitely not going south. In fact, the southern film industry of India has grown leaps and bounds and is today, incontestably a better storyteller. Further drawing our focus is the Malayalam film industry, Mollywood. Ageless, the best embodiment of world cinema, and producing authentic characters, forevermore.

2013 saw the release of a low budgeted thriller that flew way under the radar and withered away. I wasn’t even aware of its existence until recently. A view and a half later, Red Rain written and directed by Rahul Sadasivan is as niche as they come.

Based on the real 2011 Red Rain phenomenon in Kerala, the eponymously named film follows the adventure that takes afoot when a scientist specialising in the study of Extraterrestrial beings, convinced of their existence after a series of inexplicable circumstances, embarks on their search. 

The movie does not shy away from giving low budget vibes but that’s what works for Red Rain. Raw, Visceral footage! Starring Narain from Classmates (2006) fame and a slew of semi-well-known actors, the movie has a very The Blair Witch Project feels (1999). The shaky videocam shots and limited cinematography do not really impair the movie whatsoever. And just like The Blair Witch Project, adds gravitas to the film. Such a lack of warranted cinematic would have definitely failed another film but Red Rain only benefits from it.

Plaudits for the movie for trying out its own thing even if it manages to look amateurish at times. The rewatch really got me interested because Red Rain is a very accessible film. The incidents that transpire are realistic, from the footage they go capturing to the dialogues between the cast. 

I couldn’t help but draw comparisons with the National Treasure film series. Intentional or not, the barebones of the film mimics too closely into the characterisations of the Nic Cage films that we love. Scientist on pursuit? Check. A sidekick who’s always beside you? Check. Conspiracy? Check. Adventure of the unknown? Check. Redemption? Check. Gorgeous Diane Kruger? Umm, no check. All said and done, it is still a thoroughly watchable movie and even enjoyable if one could forgive the technical shortcomings. But hey! For an inexpensive creation like this, Red Rain takes the prize and all the acclaim it deserves.

Red Rain is as non-cinematic as it gets, and that’s perfect. Life is rarely cinematic and more Red Rain-ish.

Verdict : 5/7 Stars


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