Kadaseela Biriyani (2021)


Kadaseela Biriyani, directed by debutant Nishant Kalidindi, at its core is a violent revenge drama that talks about a situation where the hunter ends up being hunted.


Language : Tamil

Director : Nishanth Kalidindi

Writers : Vivekanand Kalaivanan, Nishanth Kalidindi(story)

Cast : Vasanth Selvam, Vijay Ram, Hakkim Shah, Dinesh Mani, Augustin

Genre : Thriller | Crime | Drama.

Imdb: Kadaseela Biriyani (2021)

Streaming on Netflix.

Kadaseela Biriyani, directed by debutant Nishant Kalidindi, at its core is a violent revenge drama that talks about a situation where the hunter ends up being hunted. With an original screenplay and wacky presentation, Kadaseela Biriyani achieves greater heights within its routine plot.

The film talks about three brothers, Periya Pandi, Ila Pandi and Chikku Pandi, who hatch a plan to murder their fathers killer at his own homeland and the events that take place pre and post-assassination.

Family members taking revenge for a personal loss and the repercussions of such decisions have been plot points for major commercial potboilers across languages throughout the years. The characters in those films are usually hellbound on seeking revenge and no amount of advice can stop them from going ahead with their mission. This is where director Nishant decides to bring his first major tweak to the genre. What if one of the brothers is least bothered to avenge his father’s death? What if he is against his brothers’ wishes in the plan and what if he is the sole one left to bear the consequences of this near-suicide mission? These are the sort of questions that Nishant provides us elaborate answers to, during the two-hour runtime.

The screenplay writing seems straight out of a Thiyagarajan Kumararaja manual and it does wonders for the film. The writing team deserves all the credit for Kadaseela Biriyani being as effective as it is now. From the slight tweaks to the genre to the philosophy driven yet thought-provoking final act, the movie keeps you hooked onto the narrative for the entirety of its runtime. The dialogues are effective yet overindulgent at times especially the scenes involving naming the villain group. Cinematography by Azeem Mohammed and Hestin Jose Joseph is adequate and captures the eeriness of the estates where the plot unfolds. The BGM by Vinoth Thanigasalam, although minimal, does the trick of elevating the mood of the film at multiple junctures.

The actors put up a top show with Malayalam actor Hakeem Shah living the character of John Karia to the fullest. He is a treat to watch in the film with his devilish histrionics and cuss filled dialogues. Hope to see him in more meaty roles in Malayalam too.

The elder brothers played by Vasanth Selvam and Devan Mani are effective and Super Deluxe fame Vijay Ram as Chikku Pandi makes you buy into his plight and mishaps effortlessly.

Overall Kadaseela Biriyani is a treat for those who have a stomach for crazy and original attempts. It’s a revenge drama that transcends into a survival drama and ultimately culminates with a philosophical undertone.

P.S – This film is not advisable to the audience who had issues with Churuli

Verdict- 5/7 stars.



  • National Film Award winner Vijay Sethupathi narrates this tragicomic misadventure.

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